Covid-19 Policy and Guidelines

In-Person counselling (compared to virtual counselling) comes with both benefits and risks. We have developed a policy to ensure that we minimize these risks. Please familiarize yourselves with our guidelines prior to booking an appointment. If you have been travelling within the last 14 days we ask that you refrain from in- person sessions and only book virtual sessions until the 14 days are over.

Our commitment to you:

  1. We offer a variety of options based on your comfort level:in-person, virtual and outside sessions are available.
  2. We have re-designed our offices spaces to maximize physical distancing and maintain a 2 meter distance between therapist and client
  3. We provide hand sanitizers in each office
  4. We will clean high traffic surfaces
  5. We will hold the doors open for you and show you the least trafficked routes to

    and from your appointment

  6. We will waive late cancellation fees if you are showing symptoms or have been

    in contact with someone

  7. We will not accept cash or cheque at this time, credit cards and e-transfer only

What you can do to help:

  1. We ask that you cancel or reschedule your appointment if you develop symptoms or has confirmed or suspected COVID-19. (Virtual sessions are always available at no extra cost)
  2. We ask that you limit your time in our waiting-room. If you arrive early, please use your judgment prior to coming up to our office and wait in your car or go for a walk along the inlet trails.3.
  3.  Use the stairs if the elevators seem over crowded.
  4.  Please consider washing your hands before and after your appointment.
  5.  For family and couples counselling, please ensure that you let the therapist know how many people will be attending and ensure that all attending are within your pod or ‘social bubble’.

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