Group Therapy

Group Therapy is not for everyone, but it provides a more affordable therapy option while offering the support of others who are struggling with the same concerns as we are. For issues such as infertility, disordered eating or anger, connecting with others who share our experiences can be transformational. Juniper counsellors are experienced facilitators and create a group experience based on confidentiality, safety and respect.

Group Therapy – Warrior Mamma’s Support Group:

Anyone who is a mother knows the path of the warrior. Whatever path we take, becoming a mother is probably the most intense time of our lives. Until the reality of motherhood sets in and the birthing process seems like the easy part. This group focuses on sisterhood and supporting one another. We will mourn the loss of our old identities and begin to form new ones. Most of all, it’s about taking a break from the trenches of motherhood and nourishing ourselves.

  • 6 consecutive Thursday evenings from 7-9pm
  • Boundary Setting
  • Anger Managment and managing strong emotions
  • Self-care and coping strategies
  • Snacks… that haven’t been on the floor
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Group Therapy – Anger Managment for Women

Anger can damage our relationships and hurt the ones we love. We often feel powerless over our anger, blaming ourselves or those who trigger us. We promise we won’t lose control again, but suddenly we are yelling at our children, our partners even strangers. Sometimes anger doesn’t come out in bursts, but rather a slow trickle, showing up as bitterness or malice. In this group we will learn:

  • What triggers us and how our bodies react to threat
  • How to stop blaming ourselves for the past while taking responsibility for the future
  • Tools to gain control and manage our emotions

Group Therapy – Mindful Eating Support Group

The mindful eating support group is a psycho-educational group teaching mindful eating techniques and supporting each other as we learn, fail and learn some more. Contact us today for more information and upcoming dates.

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