The Juniper Tree

Offering Nourishment and Stability

Our Name

Our approach is unique because we believe in your inner strength and innate wisdom. We know you have the capacity to let go of old patterns, create new meaning and live a vibrant life. And that’s why we named our practice after the Juniper Tree.

The Juniper Tree

Because Junipers grow in some of the most inhospitable landscapes imaginable. Junipers  thrive in an environment of baking heat, bone-chilling cold, intense sunlight, little water and fierce winds. Often, they appear to grow straight out of solid rock. They are resilient because they have developed strategies to survive. Just like you.

Juniper Tree
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Junipers have the ability to self-prune. They can actually cut off water and nutrients to some branches in order to feed others. We often use this same technique. But strategies that protected us can hurt us as well. And survival just isn’t enough. We can help you let go of what is no longer serving you and help build new and better ways of coping.


The most important survival strategy used by the Juniper tree is a massive underground root system offering nourishment and stability. So let us help you strengthen your support system and find nourishment so you can deal with your past live a vibrant life.

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