Emma Mcllelan

Emma Mcllelan

Emma Mcllelan is a student counsellor currently completing the practicum component of her Master’s program. So she offers affordable counselling with sliding scale options available! She is supervised by our Clinical Director. And she has years of experience in the mental health field so you can trust that you are in good hands.

Emma offers counselling for teens , women and men. And she provides a warm, supportive, and safe place. Therefore, whether you want to explore your identity, your relationships or your needs, she can offer openness and understanding. Above all, she is a strong advocate for social justice, and her feminist and anti-oppressive approach leaves you feeling understood and empowered.

Approach to Counselling

Emma Mcllelan’s approach to counselling draws from many therapeutic modalities. As such, she uses Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) and Attachment-based therapy and draws from other techniques. Above all, she believes in her client’s inner wisdom and therefor seeks to empower them to make the right decisions for their lives.

Education and Experience

Emma Mcllelan has completed all the requirements for a Masters degree and is currently completing her thesis at Alder University in Vancouver. Also, she has training and experience supporting women who are victims of abuse through emotional support, safety planning, resources, and crisis intervention.

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