Sharlene Petigara

Sharlene Petigara
Sharlene’s practice is committed to helping you to have honest conversations that start to uncover the areas in your life where you feel stuck or at a loss. Clients find that after only a few sessions, they’re able to slow down difficult moments, identify what’s going on within them, and grow a sense of self-leadership in which there’s much more possibility and choice in how they live than it seemed. 


Approach to Counselling

Sharlene takes a trauma-informed approach to counselling while integrating body-based and attachment theories into her work. She uses an approach that can simply be called "parts work". It's a highly effective, step-by-step approach that helps people to get curious about their own emotional responses without getting caught up in them. Her graduate work focused on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, which uses Eastern practices of mindfulness and the idea of finding a Middle Path between our often polarized thinking. What often comes out of this work is a felt shift in perspective, in which things seem less overwhelming, and there’s more of a sense of choice in how to respond to the world. 

Education and Experience

Sharlene has Master’s in Counselling Psychology. With a background in Social Work, Sharlene has had over eight years of experience in supporting individuals facing poverty, oppression, homelessness, and sexual exploitation. She has worked in a culturally-informed practice with Indigenous children who witnessed violence, worked on mental health teams, and currently continues in the trauma and addiction field with Vancouver Coastal Health. Sharlene takes a creative, practical, and empowering approach to ensure that you come away from the session with a sense of clarity and hope for your next steps. 

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