Rebecca Shuen

Rebecca Shuen

Rebecca is a student counsellor who has completed all the practical requirements for a Master’s degree in Counselling. Student therapists are supervised by Kristen Johnston MA RCC-ACS. Most extended health benefits will cover student therapists, but it’s a good idea to check first!

Rebecca offers counselling to both teens and adults. She provides a calm and caring atmosphere allowing you can feel comfortable and supported. She strives to provide her clients with immediate relief from mental and emotional pain. And at the same time, examining the root cause of their issues in order to facilitate deeper healing. With this in mind, she supports her clients in their current experiences, as well as identifies connections to the deeper emotions and beliefs they are holding onto.

Approach to Counselling

Rebecca's approach to counselling is rooted in a range of evidence-based modalities.  Her work is guided by client-centered and trauma-informed principles, allowing her clients to maintain autonomy throughout your work together.

Professional Memberships

Education and Experience

Rebecca is a Master’s student working towards a degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University. 

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