Kalie Brown

Kalie Brown Counsellor in Port Moody
Kalie is a student counsellor who has completed all the practical requirements for a Master’s degree in Counselling. Student therapists are supervised by Kristen Johnston MA RCC-ACS. Most extended health benefits will cover student therapists, but it’s a good idea to check first! Kalie offers counselling to self-identifying women, men, and folks who are gender non-conforming. She seeks to provide a space of authenticity, safety and groundedness where clients feel safe to explore their inner experience. 


Approach to Counselling

Kalie’s approach to therapy is rooted in humanistic therapies and informed by current research. She integrates body-based, mindfulness, cognitive, trauma-informed, and emotion-focused therapies and ensures the treatment approach is best suited to the client. Kalie believes each person is of inherent worth, has the capability to heal, and warrants having someone with them on the journey through the exploration and discovery of their authentic self. Kalie seeks to be alongside her clients in a non-judgemental, anti-oppressive, compassionate, and authentic way. Kalie believes in the importance of a client own wisdom and seeks to empower clients to stand in it. 


Education and Experience

Kalie is finishing her requirements for her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University and a holds Bachelor of Science from UBC. She has experience and training working with Trauma, survivors of intimate partner violence, and sexual violence, and experience working with those in recovery.

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